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VALMEDALM aims to empower local almond production of the Mediterranean through the implementation of intercropping practices as an integrated strategy aligned with economic and social aspects, as well as sustainable principles towards an adaptation to climate change. This project aspires to identify intercropping practices and promote its implementation across the Mediterranean, evaluate the effect of intercropping practices in pests and weed control, assess the nutritional and functional properties of almonds and associated crops, assess the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the tested methodologies, and promote training and knowledge transfer towards local farmers and farmer associations. VALMEDALM will involve 9 partners from 6 countries (Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Egypt and Morocco) during a period of 36 months, starting in June 2022.


1º  Promote intercropping practices in Mediterranean almond orchards;

2º Evaluate the impact of intercropping practices in pest and weed management in almond orchards from the Mediterranean area;

3º Valorise the nutritional properties of almonds and crops used in intercropping farming;

4º Assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts of examined practices;

5º Increase agro-food stakeholders’ skills and sharing of intercropping practices for sustainable agriculture among Mediterranean countries.


This project will allow to create new knowledge and new learning spaces between researchers and local stakeholders, as well as the transfer of efficient intercropping strategies between partners which will lead to the development of new business opportunities for local farmers while supporting job creation, with focus on women and young people, retention in rural areas and provide economic opportunities for Mediterranean countries to valorise their local biodiversity.